Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Finally Hannah and I have set a date... 7th of July for the inaugural Piha Craft Exchange session. We'd love to have a good turn-out so spread the word - 7:45pm at Barnett Hall.

We're looking forward to meeting other craft-minded people in the community and checking out the range of skills you all have and the projects you're working on. It will be interesting see if any novices roll up - don't be shy. With the renaissance of all things handmade I hope there's a few of you who'd like to learn to sew/knit etc. Hopefully we can organise a couple of sewing machines to be there for the night - can anyone help here? Unfortunately I only have an old industrial number which weighs a ton.

See you at 7:45pm. The Zumba class will have the hall warmed by then!

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