Thursday, September 16, 2010

Session # 6

I had a great time at the 6th (already!) edition of the PCE, although I didn't intend to be there that long! After a casual "what's the time?" from someone we all gasped - 11:45! All too absorbed in our projects and the far-ranging conversation. Hope you guys didn't feel too tired today?
So thanks for coming, especially new-bie Amanda - hope you can make it along to another one some time soon?
I took a few snaps of the projects on the go...

Clare's beautiful cross stitch. I think this is the Christchurch store she bought the 'kit' from. Some beautiful crafting goodies to be had there apparently.

Hannah is nearly there with the knitted cover for her draft-stopper.

Amanda did some pencil drawings of [NZ native?] birds. Applying ink is the next step.

Anna S is one mean knitting machine. I think she started this cute tunic at the beginning of the session!
Sorry Tasha but the photo of your scarf didn't upload - bum - as I wanted to show the progress you made (and no dropped stitches all night).

I mucked about joining some deleted swatches together from work. Maybe a cushion cover, a bag? It wasn't until today that I remembered what I was going to do. Last weekend I cut out a top for my niece with great plans for sewing it on Wednesday. Oh well it will have to wait until the next session - 6th October. Take care til then (and hold onto your hats - it's gonna get windy).

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Next Session This Wednesday

The next session of the Piha Craft Exchange is this Wednesday (15th), 7:30 onwards at Barnett Hall. Come along and make something. The trusty (and easy to use) Janome sewing machine is set up for all to have a whorl. I'll also bring along some spare crochet hooks and wool for those who are keen to learn; I'm always keen to teach people how to crochet.

Once you know how to hold the wool and have the basic 'hooking' sorted you'll be making granny squares in no time.

This is also worth a mention (thanks Anissa): A new craft shop has opened in Pt Chev. It's called The Little Craft Store, at 201 Point Chevalier Road, the Chev. They have a blogspot site here. Looks like they have plenty of crafty goodness and I'll definitely be checking it out.

See you on Wednesday evening.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Just a quick reminder about the Vintage Textile Fair on tomorrow. It's at Alexandra Park Raceway, Epsom, from 10am to 5pm. Think of me while you are there, snapping up a gorgeous bargain or two - unfortunately I can't make it. Let me know how it went and whether it's worth checking out next year.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

PCE Projects

I said I'd post some images of the PCE projects on the go. They're mainly things done by myself and Hannah as a Playcentre meeting coinsided with the last session robbing us of our regulars!

Hannah as gone some way getting over her sewing machine phobia by making a drawstring project bag...

I had a go at making some pasifica patterned booties...

Clockwise from the top: a draught stopper was started. They're easy to make and super useful in winter; I got busy eating some chocolate brownie cooked in the hall oven (thanks Hannah); Another knitted item from the Hannah Slade production line; The next garment coming together.

I also crocheted some flowers for a baby's cardigan - but forgot to take a photo. The pattern can be found here.

Our next session is on the 15th. Come along and make/learn something - be there or be... at home not making something.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The no-review Kraftbomb review...

This evening I had planned to put together some thoughts on the recent Kraftbomb event a few of us checked out last Sunday.
Firstly to accompany this insightful review I'd need to scrounge up some images; in my usual style I had forgotten to take the camera along. Luckily Anissa was far more on to it and brought along hers. She kindly suggested I drag and drop some images off her blog for my review.

Well you know what... Just go to Anissa's blog and read about Kraftbomb there. Being the professional writer she is I think her review is a great take on the afternoon. And there's pretty pictures.

Review done - sort of.

Have a good weekend everyone. At some stage I'll find the time to add a posting about our last two Craft Exchange sessions where we actually made some things! Stay tuned.