Thursday, September 16, 2010

Session # 6

I had a great time at the 6th (already!) edition of the PCE, although I didn't intend to be there that long! After a casual "what's the time?" from someone we all gasped - 11:45! All too absorbed in our projects and the far-ranging conversation. Hope you guys didn't feel too tired today?
So thanks for coming, especially new-bie Amanda - hope you can make it along to another one some time soon?
I took a few snaps of the projects on the go...

Clare's beautiful cross stitch. I think this is the Christchurch store she bought the 'kit' from. Some beautiful crafting goodies to be had there apparently.

Hannah is nearly there with the knitted cover for her draft-stopper.

Amanda did some pencil drawings of [NZ native?] birds. Applying ink is the next step.

Anna S is one mean knitting machine. I think she started this cute tunic at the beginning of the session!
Sorry Tasha but the photo of your scarf didn't upload - bum - as I wanted to show the progress you made (and no dropped stitches all night).

I mucked about joining some deleted swatches together from work. Maybe a cushion cover, a bag? It wasn't until today that I remembered what I was going to do. Last weekend I cut out a top for my niece with great plans for sewing it on Wednesday. Oh well it will have to wait until the next session - 6th October. Take care til then (and hold onto your hats - it's gonna get windy).

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