Sunday, September 5, 2010

PCE Projects

I said I'd post some images of the PCE projects on the go. They're mainly things done by myself and Hannah as a Playcentre meeting coinsided with the last session robbing us of our regulars!

Hannah as gone some way getting over her sewing machine phobia by making a drawstring project bag...

I had a go at making some pasifica patterned booties...

Clockwise from the top: a draught stopper was started. They're easy to make and super useful in winter; I got busy eating some chocolate brownie cooked in the hall oven (thanks Hannah); Another knitted item from the Hannah Slade production line; The next garment coming together.

I also crocheted some flowers for a baby's cardigan - but forgot to take a photo. The pattern can be found here.

Our next session is on the 15th. Come along and make/learn something - be there or be... at home not making something.

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