Friday, September 3, 2010

The no-review Kraftbomb review...

This evening I had planned to put together some thoughts on the recent Kraftbomb event a few of us checked out last Sunday.
Firstly to accompany this insightful review I'd need to scrounge up some images; in my usual style I had forgotten to take the camera along. Luckily Anissa was far more on to it and brought along hers. She kindly suggested I drag and drop some images off her blog for my review.

Well you know what... Just go to Anissa's blog and read about Kraftbomb there. Being the professional writer she is I think her review is a great take on the afternoon. And there's pretty pictures.

Review done - sort of.

Have a good weekend everyone. At some stage I'll find the time to add a posting about our last two Craft Exchange sessions where we actually made some things! Stay tuned.

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