Sunday, October 10, 2010

Re-purposed Jerseys

In August I posted some images of slippers made out of felted jerseys I spotted on Etsy. They inspired me to buy a couple of knitted garments from the Sallies. Fortunately they're already pretty well felted/matted. Perhaps I'll give them one more heavy duty blast in the washing machine and they'll be ready for the chop. But wait, don't be so hasty with those scissors... look what I spied on Anthropologie's site...

They look so cozy. And easy to make?
When laid out you can really see that they are large sections of jerseys pieced together. I'd like to try something similar although I may crochet a border around each piece first then join them together. What do you think?

Pretty cool huh? Although the architect in me wants to make the pieces more regular in shape - must resist! The pockets are a cool idea that kids would love.

Later this week I'll post some pix from the last craft evening. A special thanks to Fiona for bringing along Shirley. It was lovely to meet you Shirley and I hope you can join us again.

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