Saturday, January 29, 2011

Uber Chair Cover

We have a vintage chair which badly needs re-upholstering and I recently had a brain wave; crochet a cover for it - something stripy and cosy, in a mad colour combo.
Well I spotted this last week during my online wanderings...

How genius is that?! An Aran knitted cover. I want to sit there and read books all winter. Of course in our house it would be the colour of mud by the end of the week with grubby little finger marks and speckled with bits of food but you could use a washable wool and buttons to close it at the back.
You like?


  1. i think this lady has to be my current queen of crochet in mad colour combo...
    ...and white chair cover? are you CRAZY?! see you at the next craft evening...with my belated hallfee contribution, ahem.

  2. That is so cool!!!!