Friday, August 13, 2010

Don't forget about the kitchen...

We had a lovely children's dinner party at Anna Shattky's on Thursday (thanks Anna - Lenny had a ball). While there Anna mentioned that she and Tasha are planning on making some Sauerkraut at a PCE session; brilliant idea! Of course cooking is one of THE original crafts and the hall's kitchen is there for us to use. I understand that Anna and Tasha have participated in a food fermentation course, something I'd like to learn more about. 
Here's a link to a podcast about a pickling-mad woman in The States which whetted my appetite for all things fermented. Her Kombucha looks amazing too.

Anna also recommended the above book to me, which includes a lot of recipes for fermented foods and fascinating ideas about what/how we should be eating.

The Barnett Hall kitchen area could be used for all sorts of crafty things: fabric and wool dying, felting, balm and salve making, candle making, preserving, soap making etc etc. I encourage you to put it to good use.

Don't forget that our next session is this Wednesday (18th Aug - 7:30).
Have a good weekend.
Anna B


  1. along these check out sandor katz's work: website is - also, his book is really good and available at the library and the man himself super lovely - i met him when i stayed at his home community Short Mountain in tennessee (a freaking stunningly beautiful and cool place to live)

  2. I think we borrowed this book from Tasha a while back and yes it was amazing.