Saturday, August 7, 2010

Session # Three

Hi all, thanks for coming out for the third instalment of the PCE. I know that you are all very busy people so Hannah and I appreciate you coming along. Thanks too to Norma for bringing her table loom. I hope you can bring it along another session Norma as I didn't get the chance to really check it out - too busy talking sewing.

Sue and Clare did some mending - sensibly getting it out of the way before starting a new project. The $30 sewing machine seems to be working well for that sort of thing.
Hannah worked on another knitting project (vest?)...

I started a duvet cover for Lenny using a tootie fruity Scandinavian print.
Tasha continued with her knitting - with a wee re-fresher course from Norma.
Sarah is making a cute knitted owl with felt and buttons.

I'm a sucker for owls so I'm keen to see how it's going to be put together. I had a flash-back the other day to a book I had as a child - "The Happy Owls". It was one of my favourites at the time but I haven't thought about it for years. Did anyone else have this book? I'd like to find a copy for Lenny - although with a nil vehicle count it may not be his cuppa - sigh.

Happy crafting - Anna B

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