Thursday, July 22, 2010

Second installment...

Here's some pix from the second session of the PCE. Not such a good turn out but the weather was absolutely atrocious (coupled with a horrid flu bug doing the rounds) - the stay-at-home option was definitely the preferred one!
I took a few snaps of the projects on the go.
I started my project of using up remnants to make grocery bags. One remnant down - 4 giant boxes to go...

Norma worked on a jumper (sans pattern - v. clever/experienced!) using a bouclé yarn which looked very tricky to knit with (check out Norma's crocheted top in the background - her daughter Jo made it).

We also spent some time trying to analyse how a very chic coat Anna S bought on Trademe was knitted. It was knitted 'along' the garment in a rib-type stitch, with some elaborate shaping.

Such a brilliant idea to buy a small women's top with 3/4 length sleeves for a child - it fits Alessandra beautifully as a coat. And with the addition of some (bakelite?) buttons, chosen by Alessandra from Lets Go Retro in Swanson, the coat looks so cute!...
Aren't 'repurposed' clothes the best?
Ok the next session is pencilled in for the 4th of August. But I'll confirm that next week.

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