Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jam Session

This Wednesday we are going to make some strawberry jam. I'm looking forward to it as I am a jam making virgin. As children we used to 'help' my mother, who was a big preserver of fruit and marmalade maker, but I've never made jam on my own before.

Helen has kindly offered her preserving pan and expertise and we'll whip up a batch. Email me if you are keen to come along as I need to know how many kgs to pick. I think we'll go to Janita Gardens
on Henderson Valley Rd. Also bring along some jars (with lids) and a paring knife so we can all pitch in and hull the strawberries.

I'm yet to confirm this but I also think Tasha is going to show us how to make yoghurt. Apparently it's super easy and of course miles better than using the bought sachets.

See you there - remember to RSVP.

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